Let us fill hungry minds and hungry stomachs with a menu of excellence.

Eat. Learn. Live. This philosophy is the cornerstone that guides us at Chartwells to provide food services that are focused on growth, education and happiness for learners and educators.

You’ll find next generation thinking and smart catering solutions from our teams of highly skilled and experienced chefs, nutritionists and dieticians who believe that our kitchens can make growth and a better future possible by putting a menu of tasteful, nutritionally balanced meals into the mouths of learners and educators.

Our services also go beyond appetite. Besides catering, we also feed learners with knowledge through educational programmes that teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle and nutritional food.

As a partner focused on your school and university campus catering needs, we takes the task of excellent catering off your operational plate so that you can focus on fulfilling educational expectations with undivided attention – and that means that hungry minds and hungry stomachs enjoy the best they can get.