If you believe that hospital food can always get better, you think like we do.

Better and better everyday. Our focus on constantly improving quality and nutrition makes Medirest more than just a hospital food catering services company. In the sector of healthcare services, we are partners who understand that food is an essential part of the treatment process – and our professionals are experts in their field.

From providing carefully prepared meals that align with a patient’s recovery to hospital restaurants and cafes that keep your medical staff on their toes and visitors relaxed, we know exactly how to treat your operation.

Going beyond the kitchen, we also care for your housekeeping, reception services and grounds keeping – and always adhere to the strictest environment and safety rules and standards. Whether you are looking for a total infection cleaning solution, end-to-end logistical services, or just someone to run your helpdesk, we are there for you.

With Medirest patients, your staff and your hospital are in good hands with us.