Can the right nutrition improve marks?

3 Reasons Why Feeding Your Employees Is Important
August 17, 2015

Can the right nutrition improve marks?


This is a subject that has seen a lot of research and debate, resulting in thousands of answers. But what are the definitive facts we can use? Can we really help our children be better learners, with something as simple as a decent meal?

Well, studies show that poor nutrition directly affects the mental capacity of school-aged children. Malnourishment can lead to behavioural problems, deficiencies in iron, thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin B, iodine, and zinc inhibit cognition and, of course, a drop in health can lead to an increase in absenteeism.

Providing the necessary nutritional balance to your students lives, can address all of these issues. Increased retention and concentration, a drop in disruptive behaviour and an increase in attendance are just some of the possible results if investing in your learners nutrition. But what your students eat, can do more than be a preventative measure against these conditions.

Preparing your students for exams and tests can be a daunting task, one that each student approaches and reacts to differently. One of the best ways to give every child a leg-up when it comes to studying is through what they eat. Perception, intuition and reasoning can be enhanced with amino acids and carbohydrate supplementation. Replacing carbonated sugary drinks with healthier options and carefully prepared meals in place of convenient junk foods have been linked to an increase in student participation and a marked decrease in disciplinary actions.

On top of this, sociologists and economists have found that a student’s level of nutritional health can directly affect their performance in tests and exams. When a proper system, designed to deliver wholesome meals to students, has been implemented there was a direct correlation between it and increases in test scores and grade averages.

So, can nutrition help improve marks? Can supplying learners with food for both their bodies and brains give them a boost to their education and their future? The answer is definitively, yes. Something as simple as keeping students fed and healthy, can benefit them immeasurably.

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