Does comfort impact remote workers?

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August 17, 2015
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March 1, 2016

Does comfort impact remote workers?


Working in a remote location will always take you far from your comfort zone. Whether you are out to sea, or in the middle of nowhere, simple conveniences are often out of reach. But, while you might miss having a convenience store down the road, does it really have an impact your work performance?

Well, first we need to understand, just what comfort means. It’s not supplying luxury and top-class accommodation and services. People who work offshore or in remote locations know what they have signed up for. But expectations are often far lower than what they reality needs to be. Comfort can be seen in something as simple as a wholesome meal that’s been prepared with care and consideration, clean laundry supplied everyday or a designated area for simple recreation. The fact that such simple things, are not always expected, can make providing comfort so much more effective.

In recent studies, it was revealed that even though remote work often includes rigorous, physical labour, almost 52% of remote workers presented with obesity. Often due to only a poor diet being provided to available in their current locations. Some as simple as a nutritious diet being provided on a daily basis can address this issue, and many more. Balanced nutrition that supports the health of workers increases productivity through a reduction in illness and an increase in the rate of recovery from injuries and strains.

And important part of managing your workers health includes managing aspects of the work, such as stress. Giving your workers the space and support they need, through simple things like a canteen, a recreation facility or just a space to socialise, can significantly reduce stress. This can lead to an improvement in mental and physical health, reducing the chance of injury and mishap by improving the concentration of your people.

Finally, and possibly the most prominent factor behind providing comfort to your workers, the retention of new skill. Studies have found that, as people born in the Baby Boomer and Traditionalist generations are starting to head toward retirement, skilled and experience workers are becoming increasingly harder to find. With all the new and eager labourers coming from Gen-X and Millenial generations, the mentality behind work has changed. While Traditionalist and Baby Boomers where more open to working the long hours and living with the harsh work, Gen-Xers and Millenials value work-life balance. By providing some unexpected comforts and conveniences not normally expected in a remote worksite, training and retaining experienced, or soon to be experienced, workers will be easier.

So, is comfort something you should look into for your operation? There is certainly a lot of value to be found in providing some of the simple comforts. Laundry, catering, recreation and support services can be more than the annoying and costly part of a workforce, but a major factor in your success. Consider it.

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